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english is not my native language. excuse the grammatical mistakes

Can you tell me how it is that we forget who we are?Is it really necessary to have a spiritual teacher at your disposal? I say that it will no longer be necessary if we really let the children grow up in freedom


Now look at Europe, where they lock people up for their own safety, we are led to believe, so we lock up children at school for there own good, we are led to believe.

They have also made you believe that we can live in freedom at school

Yes on this school  

What is happening worldwide now is the roll-out of a control society that you also encounter in current primary schools

We have never had the opportunity to grow up as individuals, 

Because we have not grown up in freedom we have come to identify with a false self-image the ego so i will introduce the true individual.  

My name is wow and I am beyond enlightenment where the 5th dimension comes to life

I come back to demand what faith has stolen from Me. In my name! Inner silence or God if you like is Me in you.

I am not to believe in I am to experience life. I am Me in you, with othet words  I am the representative of the inner silence and of the new mind. Together  they make the true individual. I am here for the experiencer. We have to protect the innocent child because that's  Me!!

The religions have stolen Me by making you believe in Me, as if I were separate from you. Know yourself!

My teachers are here for you, i am here for the children. My teacher can not see that we are already enlightenend, they say it but does'nt see it realy.

I will show Me in a short while. I worked the last 12  years as a postman and i loved it! But now i have to stand up and i hope you will support Me. How? By at last in sharing Me as wow the worldteacher.

Yes I am Maitreya but i won't use that name i use the name Wow given by my child in the year 2000. I am already 20 years beyond enlightenment with 2 open eyes. 

What is happening all over the world now is the ego resisting Me.  and because one still lives from the ego it is a piece of cake for the established order to push the agenda of the satanists through it.

Make Me Great again

to be continued- 未完待续

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