We are the transition people and it is up to us
to give the children the freedom, that we long for.
In the 5th dimension nobody needs to be enlightened  of the ego anymore  because there is no ego, only the experience and the experiencer.
But there is still an experiencer living the truth.
The 5th dimension unfolds heaven on earth
where everyone can stay enlightened from birth, worldwide!!! This site is a roadmap for a natural real&free world. Wow!

Tina Turner - Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu     Peace Mantra

                                         Bless U Lange

                            I'll be waiting patiently

                                till you se the signs

                               Protect the innocense

                              Don't let them fool Ya

                             or even try to school Ya!

                                                 oh no!

                               Love your Brotherman!

  There's a natural Mystic blowing trough the air

                                         Wonderfull life

                           Homies from the streets

                             Peace, Love & Respect